I hate misogyny, poor writing, flop males apologists, idiocy and authors with God Complexes. Love ranting, hate watching, female characters, fanfictions. I flail a lot.
a tart's boudoir
In the sanctuary of his bedroom, Robert Crawley plots the demise of capitalism and the downfall of the artsy fartsy bourgeois.

In the sanctuary of his bedroom, Robert Crawley plots the demise of capitalism and the downfall of the artsy fartsy bourgeois.

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- Sarah Bunting gone at last! Good riddance. God, I hope she doesn’t make a sudden reappearance. BTW Tom didn’t seem too heartbroken over it so obviously he wasn’t that into her. B Y E

- OH MY GOD EDITH IS THE WORST HUMAN BEING. First she creeps around corners spying on a toddler and taking her aunt to see her like you’d do to an animal in the zoo. Then she has the audacity to tell Mr. Drewe she won’t allow him to take Marigold away. Allow? She’s their daughter! She was not a child on lease, you can’t decide where to drop her when it’s more convenient to you! You can’t kidnap her and take her to London, or ship her to a posh orphanage in France so that you can visit whenever. I can’t believe her level of selfishness. Marigold loves her mother, she was clearly upset by Rosamund and Edith while only her mother’s arms calmed her down.

Also Edith can talk about how “modern” she is but in the meantime she gratuitously offended Carson and has the biggest sense of entitlement of the whole family (won’t allow Drewe and she uses Carson’s office without asking, as her own property. Which it technically is, but you can’t just barge in there. Jesus.)

- “I can’t be hearing this correctly” I FEEL U MABEL LANE FOX, MY PERFECT RAY OF SUNSHINE. God, I really hope she’s not in love with Tony and I really really hope  Charles’ plan fails miserably. What the hell. MLF deserves way better than Tony Gillingham! I loved how adamant she was about not wanting to pick up Mary’s leftovers, especially given how easily Tony dumped her. And I loved how she basically told Mary off, while Mary accepted it quite in good humor. MLF save yourself! Do not mingle with Tony! And you Charles, fuck you, fight your own battles without throwing innocent women in the middle. 

- (BUT LOLOLOL at him not giving a fuck and ordering instead. It’s like he doesn’t give a fuck in general, he’s very chill. I like him.)


- What. THe. FucK. THOMAS. He looks like he’s about to drop dead right in the middle of the dining table and nobody cares. I’m now convinced he’s terminally ill and that he’ll sacrifice himself to save Anna from the police somehow ?? ?? ? Pls have sex with a man before u go.

- GOD I hate Bates. 

- Lord Merton. I love him. Let’s all marry this guy. Even Clarkson ships it. (LMAO Violet is such a cunning bitch. Life goals.)

- Rose had the cutest meet-cute. And he’s sweet. And he’s Jewish. And he’s a Lord. Jump on that train fast, he’s a catch. I’m into it. I like you, new love interest. 


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My favorite dark story about Mark Ruffalo is that time he kicked out a Russian fan who had forced herself in his car after she asked him to deliver her drawing of Loki to Tom Hiddleston.

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why do the teenage mutant ninja turtles wear eye masks? they’re fucking humanoid turtles. who the fuck is going to see them without the eye masks and be like, oh you’re probably some other sentient humanoid turtles not the ones that fight crime.

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I’m gutted that we’ve had half a series of Mary stuck with a dullard when we could have had her and Mabel Lane Fox solving crime together. GUTTED.


Am I the only one 100% annoyed by Edith’s creepy stalking of Marigold? I know she’s her biological daughter, and I’m sorry she had to give her up because she lives in a shitty society where you’re slutshamed and shunned if you have out-of-wedlock children BUT. She did give this child up. Now Marigold is being raised with love and care by two people she believes to be her parents. Edith can’t just go in there and show a favor for Marigold while the rest of her siblings are perfectly ignored. She can’t pretend to visit her like you would to a plaything. And honestly? I’m at a point when I can’t stand Edith as a whole and I wouldn’t want her to get Marigold back as if she were an umbrella she lent to the farmer. I suppose it would be traumatic for Marigold to be taken away from her mother and be given to Edith. A mother is the one who raises you, and while Edith really didn’t want to be parted from her, while she had no choice, while she loves her dearly…I don’t like the idea of this poor baby being handed over and back again like a package.